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More Records within Reach

This year's version of the team has a chance to rewrite most the Marlins team records.

The Marlins can set several single-season records, good and bad, in the next 11 games. With 28 strikeouts, they'll eclipse their record total (1,249) of a year ago.

With 17 more RBI, the Marlins will top the record of 713 set in 2001 and matched last season. If they average 2.3 doubles per game the rest of the way, the Marlins will eclipse the mark of 325 set in 2001.

If they average 2.2 runs through their final 11 games, the Marlins also will top last season's record total of 758. They are 99 hits shy of reaching 1,500 for the first time and breaking the record set in 2005 (1,499).

Opponents are batting .286 off Marlins pitching. The only other years the Marlins have allowed an opponents' average over .280 was in 1998 (.287) and 1999 (.281).

The Marlins are eight errors shy of 129, which would establish a record. They're five earned runs away from eclipsing the previous high (89 in 1998).

Let's see.  They will more than likely set a new RBI and Total Runs record.  The earned runs record is, in the words of Lisa Simpson, a mortal lock.  However, it is possible they will fall short of the errors and strikeouts records but that is a bit iffy.

Setting the doubles and hit records are going to be a little tougher to achieve, but they are within reach.

The opponents batting average against is anybody's guess, but if the starters keep pitching the way they have been lately it could definitely happen.

No matter how the season finishes out and whether it be for better or worse, the 2007 Marlins will make changes to next year's media guide.  Some of it may not be in the way they were hoping but they will be immortalized for at least a season.

Hey, you take what you can.