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Sanchez and the Marlins have a Meeting

Anibal and the Marlins are going to meet to see if they can reach an agreement on his grievance claim.

Starter Anibal Sanchez and the Marlins are scheduled to meet later this week in an attempt to settle a grievance the second-year right-hander filed against the club on July 30.

Sanchez is seeking lost major league wages and service time he would have accrued had the Marlins placed him on the big-league disabled list. The Marlins optioned Sanchez to Triple-A Albuquerque in May, but he never reported because of a shoulder problem. He ultimately underwent season-ending surgery.

The Marlins will argue Sanchez didn't report a physical problem until after he was demoted. Sanchez's case is bases on the idea he sustained the injury as a major league player and should thus accrue service time and earn a big league salary while he rehabs.

His status as an injured minor league player cost Sanchez about $214,000 this season.

If the two sides are unable to reach an accord, the matter will go to arbitration within a year.

Both sides are culpable in this argument.  It is true that Sanchez didn't mention the injury until he was demoted but, as for the Marlins, I find it hard to believe that the team didn't know he was injured or at the very least, suspected it.

Sanchez should have said something earlier but I can understand that when a young player finally gets a shot at being in the starting rotation they are hesitant to mention they're hurting for fear they will lose their job in the Majors forever.  Let's face it, returning to the bus leagues which they worked so hard to leave behind, ain't all that much fun.

But it is an irrational fear, especially in the case of Sanchez.  There is no way the Marlins are going to give up on a young kid who threw a no-hitter last season, even if he is injured.  Anibal trying to hide the injury is not uncommon for young players.  Though one would think that the Marlins would have learned by now that you can't trust the kids to tell when they are hurting.  They lie.  The player has finally gotten to the Bigs and they don't want to leave.  Which is the very reason they should be watched with a discerning eye.

If the Marlins are going with the weak defense of they didn't know, they should have.