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Uggla Plunked

And Danny was none too happy about it.

Dan Uggla sported a swollen red welt on his upper back after being hit by a fastball thrown by Braves reliever Rafael Soriano with two outs in the ninth. Uggla stared at Soriano for a few seconds as home-plate umpire Ron Kulpa warned both benches.

"It was definitely intentional," Uggla said. "You go for the ribs. You go for the thighs. You don't go for anybody's head. I'm just lucky he didn't hit me in the head."

The pitch was in retaliation for Marlins reliever Matt Lindstrom throwing one over the head of Andruw Jones. Two innings earlier, Jones, hitting .220 entering the game, took his time leaving the batter's box and flipped his bat after hitting a two-run homer off Daniel Barone.

Oh great.  Hopefully the Marlins haven't added a second team to the list of teams that throw at us and us them.  I have no idea whether it was intentional or not but our opponents need to understand that we aren't throwing at them on purpose.  It just that some of the Marlins pitchers don't have the greatest command.

This probably won't turn into a situation like that with Phillies.  The Braves are a classy team and the Phillies.....well, they are the Phillies.