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Kranitz may be back

Kranitz could be asked back, though I can't of a reason why.

If the Marlins plan to shake up manager Fredi Gonzalez's coaching staff, it doesn't appear pitching coach Rick Kranitz will be one of the casualties.

Kranitz's contract, like those of his fellow coaches, is up at season's end. Injuries have contributed to the Marlins entering the weekend with the National League's worst starters' ERA (5.48) and second-worst overall ERA (4.90) ahead of only the Reds (4.99).

According to a league source who recently spoken with a member of the Marlins' front office, Kranitz likely won't be a scapegoat.

"I think he will be fine," the source said. "How can a guy go from major league coach of the year to a bad coach? Injuries have killed his staff."

Let me see if I can answer that, he never was any good.  He just inherited a very talented staff last season with a bunch of fresh arms and did nothing other than saying go get 'em kid.

His fallacious as a pitching coach didn't show up till this season when he actually had to know something.

I don't know who is responsible for over pitching the kids last season.  It could be Kranitz or Girardi or maybe even Beinfest but someone is to blame.  The injuries to the staff were expected given the gross number of innings the starters threw last season.

But let's leave last season's mistakes aside and look at this season.  Kranitz decided to tinker with the team's two remaining starters from last season (Willis and Olsen) and the results have been horrible.  Their pitching motions are completely different.

I watch the team most every game so their deliveries changing may be obvious to me, but even the opposing teams announcers are noticing it and they only see them at best a couple of times a year.

The Colorado announcers were dismayed at Willis's motion being calmed downed and Olsen wasn't right.  The pitchers are out on the mound worrying about adjusting their mechanics instead of throwing the ball.  You could see it with Willis and somewhat with Olsen, though he didn't stick around very long making it harder to tell.  Mechanics are something you work on in the side or bullpen sessions, not something you think about during the game.  If a pitcher is doing something egregiously wrong, Treanor will trot out there and tell them.

I don't know who was responsible for the over pitching the kids last season and making Dr. Andrews a wealthier man, but I do know this: maybe Kranitz is a fine pitching coach in the minors (and I have my doubts) where they work on various parts of pitching during the games but those techniques won't cut in the majors.

The Marlins need a major league pitching coach.