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History and Trivia

There were many historic achievements that happened over the weekend and it is time to get you up to date.

For most of them checkout our good friend Photi who will be more than happy to fill you in:  More History.

Spoiler Alert: I'm about to give away one of them, so quit reading until you have visited Photi.

Anyway, here it goes:

When the ball sailed over the center-field wall and bounced in the Marlins' bullpen Saturday night, bullpen coach Steve Foster plucked the ball off the ground and tossed it aside. Then came a frantic call from the dugout: Get that ball! It was Miguel Cabrera's first career grand slam. He hadn't hit a grand slam until his 2,643rd career at-bat. It was Cabrera's 136th career home run.

I must admit that I was surprised to learn that was the first major league grand slam in Cabrera's career.  But I guess I wasn't the only one since Foster cavalierly tossed the ball aside.

Now on to a record I would've preferred not to see:

Marcos Carvajal made his 2007 debut Sunday and became the 50th player (29th pitcher) the Marlins have used this season. The previous high for most players used in a season was 49 in 1998. Before this year, the Marlins had never used more than 27 pitchers in a season (1995 and 2005). ...

Meanwhile, Hanley is in the running to join an exclusive Marlins club.

With his next stolen base, Ramirez will have back-to-back 50- steal seasons. The only other Marlins to steal 50 in multiple seasons are Luis Castillo and Juan Pierre. Ramirez stole 51 as a rookie in 2006.

Then there is also that the Marlins may end up with the leagues  most prolific home run hitting infield ever in a season.

Marlins' infielders have accounted for the bulk of this season's franchise-record 190 homers. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Miguel Cabrera (31), Hanley Ramiez (29) and Dan Uggla (28) could become the first infield trio in the National League to reach the 30-homer plateau.


Ramirez and Uggla can become the first double play duo in baseball history to hit 30 homers apiece.

This will probably happen.

The Baseball Toaster went digging through the archives and found the following:

The Nationals and the Marlins are the only two teams in the majors without a complete game and have just two weeks to avoid becoming the first teams to go a whole major league season without one.

I can't speak about the Nationals, but I will be very surprised if the Marlins don't make history here.  Especially with it being this late in the season and since the team is having problems getting the starters to go six much less nine.  But you never know.

Finally, there is this bit of trivia:

The Marlins and the Rockies came into the league in the same year, 1993.  And since that time have played each other 130 times with all-time record being:


I'm not sure what that means, but I do know this:  the Marlins are winning the World Series Championship race between the two.

And that ends History and Trivia Monday.  

P.S.  Don't expect this to be a regular feature on this site.