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Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez are expecting a baby

Hanley and the Mrs. spent yesterday expecting their second child.

As an encore after being a triple shy of the first cycle in Marlins history on Tuesday, Hanley Ramirez is spending Wednesday at a South Florida hospital, where his wife is expecting the couple's second baby.

At the time I am writing this, I have no idea whether our newest Marlins fan has decided to make an appearance or is waiting to make a grander entrance into the world.  Either way, we wish the couple the best.

I guess I would be reticent if I didn't link to the Babes take on the situation.

How they knew that labor was induced, I don't know since it wasn't mentioned in the article. Unless I missed it, which is always possible. Then again they probably know more about the machinations of the process than I do, which wouldn't be hard since I know nothing.