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Ross has hamstring problems again

Talk about not catching a break, Cody could be out for a few days.

OF Cody Ross' left hamstring, torn on May 5, tightened on him during his home run Tuesday night. He felt better but could miss a couple of days.

"It is probably scar tissue from when it was torn. It is the safe thing to do," said Ross, who is the team's leading hitter at .356 in the second half. "I will use most of the offseason to rehab and strengthen it."

Naturally, it is the same hamstring that forced him to miss a couple of months earlier in the year and just when he was hot.  While there is no problem with Alfredo returning to center or Carroll holding down the spot, it is just a shame.  Cody was doing so well, but then again, it is about par for the season.