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Stadium News - Sort of

Sarah Talalay reports on her blog some sobering results (so far) from an unscientific poll about public support for a stadium for the Marlins.

Long-time Miami public relations firm Everett Clay Associates is looking for the public's opinion on a few choice questions (who will be the next president, how long Castro will remain in power) this fall.


...the company has included a four-question survey with the first question being:

"Should a new baseball stadium be built at the Orange Bowl or in Downtown Miami?"

The choices are: Orange Bowl; Downtown Miami; and no stadium should be built.

So, far the no stadium option is leading, according to Amy Baena, an account executive at the firm. Otherwise, the Orange Bowl and downtown are evenly split and among the 50 or so postcards that have been returned, survey takers have added their own comments such as "No stadium should be built with taxpayers' money," or "Save the Orange Bowl," Baena said.

If this is indeed an accurate assessment of the opinions of the local public, and who knows if it is, this isn't good.  Sure the politicians can push it through against the public's will.  They do it all the time.  But they can only do that so often before they are out of a job and a stadium for the Marlins may not be the hill they want to die on.

If you like to participate in the survey it is here.