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Treanor's knee not responding

Earlier this past weekend the following was reported:

Catcher Matt Treanor says that if his aching left knee isn't showing more progress by Monday, he may opt for an MRI to make sure the problem isn't serious. Treanor has had the knee operated on three times, the last time after the 2005 season. Monday would be the earliest he is back in action.

His knee is still aching and he will undergo a MRI today.  So, I wouldn't expect to see him in the lineup tonight.

I feel sorry for Matt, he was finally getting his first shot at being the primary catcher and this occurred.  Hopefully the MRI won't show any structural damage and he can be back to playing soon.  But given that it has been a week and his condition with his knee isn't at least marginally better, I wouldn't count on a positive diagnosis.  But maybe it will be.