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Gardner Rags on the Phillies Fans

For a town that once booed Santa Claus you would think they would be more impressive in the heckling department.

The visitor's bullpen at Citizens Bank Park is situated in a shallow canyon, rimmed from above by fans that delight in heckling the other team's relievers. But Marlins reliever Lee Gardner said the fans aren't very intimidating or clever, and that their reputation is overrated.

''You would think that by the time the sixth or seventh inning came around, after they've been drinking, that they could come up with something original, something thought out,'' Gardner said. 'But the only thing they say is, `You [stink].' They've got 'You [stink]' down pat. It's comical. And they only say it when your back is turned. If you turn to face them, they stop talking.''

Gardner said the fans are a lot tougher elsewhere.

''I can't wait to go to New York where I can get a fan that knows how to rag,'' Gardner said. ``These fans here, their knees have to hurt all the time from all the jumping on and off the bandwagon they do.''

I'm guessing the Phillies fans will be working on their material during the offseason in preparations for the Marlins first visit next season.  And from the way Gardner describe it....they need too.