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September call ups could be on the way

Come Monday, the Marlins will expand their roster to include the boys from the Minor Leagues.

Right-hander Chris Volstad of Palm Beach Gardens and right-hander Gaby Hernandez.....are expected to be among the minor-league players the Marlins call up next week.

Starting today, teams can expand their rosters from 25 to 40. The Marlins aren't expected to call up any players until Monday, after minor-league seasons end.

Going into Friday, Class AAA Albuquerque was one game behind first-place New Orleans in the Pacific Coast League's American South division.

If the Isotopes make the playoffs, the Marlins will wait until Albuqueruque's post-season play ends before taking any of its players.

Class AA Carolina will not be in the post-season, so their players can be called up anytime.

Gonzalez said he does not expect more than eight call-ups, with the majority being pitchers. At least one will be a catcher, he said.

The catcher will probably be John Baker, but that isn't guaranteed since the club called up Paul "Chocolate Bottom" Hoover last season.  So we shall see.  Oh, both play for the Isotopes so it could be awhile before the catcher call up joins the team.

If you are interested in learning the lowdown on Volstad and Hernandez, our good friend Maverick has all the details at Future Fish.  So be sure to check it out,