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If Babes Were Baseball Players?

A site called Winning The Turnover Battle decided to compare starlets to baseball players.

Among their choices was a comparison to Hanley Ramirez.

Hayden Panettiere = Hanley Ramirez

They're both young. They're both sleek. They're both poised to become huge stars within the next year or two. And they both one of them looks great in bikinis.

I must admit I had to lookup Hayden Panettiere to find out who she is.  This happened to me before when the Marlins played the Cubs in Wrigley and I had no idea who was singing "Take me out to the ball game".  At which time a commenter suggested that if maybe I didn't spend all my free time watching baseball I would know the star of CSI. The commenter was probably right, but it ain't going to happen.

If you would like to see other bikini clad girls pictured next to Major Leaguers just click on the link above.