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FishStripes Nominated for the Best Sports Blog

Yes, you read the headline correctly.  It turns out some "talent scout" for the Blogger's Choice Awards decided to nominate us in the Best Sports Blog category.

If you would like to vote for FishStripes, click here.

Since I would never ask or suggest to you something I haven't tried first, I must warn you that in order to vote you have to jump through some hoops to get your vote counted.  Mainly it involves registering on the site.  Now, you can lie about all the information they ask but they do require an active email address.

But let's face it, there is no way in the world that a Marlins fan blog is going to win.  So if you want to skip the whole process, and I probably would if I were you, no problem.  The way I see it, being nominated is the best reward we can look forward to achieving.

With that said, I'm still trying to figure out how we got nominated in the first place.

While I think the world of our community, it always amazes me that anyone else but a die hard Marlins fan even knows this site exist, much less reads it.

Go figure.

Anyway, we were nominated -- Yay Us!