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Marlins doing good

They did this last year and the players basically screwed everything up, food preparation-wise.  But their hearts are always in the right place.

The Marlins teamed up with Benihana's restaurant to host the Benihana Celebrity Cook-Off on Sunday.
Several Marlins players, including Dan Uggla, Matt Lindstrom and Rick VandenHurk, assisted Benihana's showman chefs in preparing and serving the restaurant's signature Japanese cuisine.

Proceeds from the event will benefit SOS Children's Villages-Florida, which provides homes to abused and abandoned children who have no imminent hope of being adopted or returned to their birth families, and Big Brothers Big Sisters, a youth mentoring program that helps children reach their potential through one-to-one relationships.

If this partnership continues for a few more years, they may even trust Danny with a knife.  Oh, who am I kidding.  At Benihana, Danny is a waiter for life.