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The Iron man

Believe it or not, Samson's participation in the event reared its ugly again yesterday.  Carni provides the comment.

the one thing i hated was seeing the manager for the marlins finish, that guy is terrible for sports...he has made the marlins a glorified minor league club. if i were hanley or miguel i would request a trade.

Uh, carni, it wasn't the Marlins manager that participated in the event, it was the team's president.  While Fredi might be willing to take some time off if he were allowed to ride his Harley through the biking and marathon portions of the event, but even then I doubt the club would allow him to be absence for that reason during the season.

Samson taking time off to "compete" in the event wasn't a problem since it was probably a breath of fresh air that he was thousands of miles away.

The other thing is that I sincerely doubt that Samson dictates whether the team has a fire sale or not.  And i absolutely sure that the Marlins manager gets no say in whether it happens or not.

Oh, just to let you know, the Marlins are not a glorified minor league club.  They are a legitimate Major League Club sporting some of the best young talent in the game.