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Treanor did his best

Treanor was taken out of the game in the ninth due to being light-headed.

Getting the start behind the plate, Matt Treanor tried to score from first on Alfredo Amezaga's seventh-inning double and had a nasty collision with Eric Munson at the plate.

The ball arrived well ahead of Treanor, who dropped a shoulder and knocked down his counterpart but didn't dislodge the ball. The impact left Treanor a little light-headed. He caught one more inning before Gonzalez summoned Miguel Olivo in the ninth.

"I had my head down and I felt some spinning," Treanor said. "Just a hard play to go from first to home and then the collision. I really wanted to go back out there. It felt like I let some people down."

You have to love gamers who feel they should be out there even when they aren't feeling at their best.  There is no way that Treanor let anyone down when Fredi decided to go with Olivo in the ninth.  Especially after the effort he put into trying to score in the seventh and without a doubt his teammates appreciated everything he did trying to get the team one more run.

But yesterday does bring up a question: Is Treanor going to be the catcher for the rest of the season for not only Willis but also Olsen?  I think he should be, but I've always thought that, so my opinion is probably biased.