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Cabrera should be Okay

In case you didn't see it, Cabrera was hit by a pitch in the third and was taken out of the game.

Either Matt Albers has really good aim or Miguel Cabrera's left elbow guard isn't big enough.

In the third inning Sunday, Albers caught Cabrera with a pitch just above the protective padding. Cabrera remained in the game and took his base, but he did not return to the field in the fourth.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez said the bruise swelled to the point where he thought it best to sit his All-Star third baseman. He believes Cabrera will be ready for Tuesday's game at Philadelphia.

It really looked like to me that he was hit on the elbow guard, judging by the slow-motion replay I saw.  But then again, I was watching the Astros affiliate so their cameras may not have had the best angle.  The funny thing was, after a couple of Marlins were hit, the Astros announcers were very concerned that Olsen would start throwing at their players.

Just to let the Astros announcers and fans know, you are not the Phillies.  If you were, Olsen probably would've retaliated but as it was he knew you weren't hitting his teammates on purpose.  And anyway, he was pitching his best game of the season, there was no reason to head to the locker room at that point.

While it is good news that Cabrera isn't expected to have any lasting effects from getting plunked, the folks at did get to see their favorite player take the field and do well.

We all hope Miguel is ok and maybe Fredi took notice to what Ross can do. His numbers are stellar at this point..... Let the kid play Gonzo.........

One final note: I hope after the game the Marlins sent a representative over to the Astros locker room to ask where Biggio buys his elbow guard.  Because he obviously has to have the best one in the game.  If you don't believe me, checkout the site: Plunk Biggio.