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Willingham's battle with Kidney Stones

Willingham was out of the lineup, as first reported by Jim B in the Open Thread, due to kidney stones.  There are contradictory reports about his condition, but I will go with the one that gives the most positive take on his situation.

Left fielder Josh Willingham got a much-needed day off after leaving Saturday's game in the 10th inning and going to a local hospital.

"He came out of the game because of kidney stones,'' Gonzalez said, adding Willingham passed three kidney stones.

"If you have never experienced kidney stones, it's not an easy thing. I've had them four times. It takes the energy out of you.''

Willingham is expected to be in the lineup Tuesday.

Personally, I have never had a kidney stone but what I've been told is that passing one through the urinary tract is akin to passing a bowling ball.

Josh, I don't know if it works, but in the future, drink more water - it couldn't hurt and it is suppose to help.