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The Astros are looking at Dan Jennings

The Houston Astros are looking for a new GM and Dan Jennings is one of the possibilities.

ESPN's Keith Law reported Marlins vice president of player personnel Dan Jennings is among the candidates for the Astros' vacant general manager post.

In case you didn't know, the Astros recently fired their GM and Manager.

So as part of the search, if the information is true, the Marlins VP of player personnel is under consideration.  Jennings is the person in charge of advance scouting and it his job is to know as much as he can about all the players who play professional ball.  He also helps out on the amateur part of the operation.

If the Astros ask to speak to him about the job, I would expect that the Marlins will give their consent.  Not that the organization wishes to lose him, but historically they don't stand in the way when a person could better their lot in life.

Given that the Astros have changed their focus from being a development type of organization to a purchasing free agents type of organization, interviewing Dan Jennings would make perfect sense.

Let's hope he blows the interview.