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VandenHurk stays in the rotation

Rick is going be up with the big club for probably the rest of the season.

Rookie Rick VandenHurk will keep his spot in the rotation. VandenHurk has made 10 starts for the Marlins this season; he also has made nine minor-league starts.

''The plan is for Vandy to be in the rotation,'' Gonzalez said. ``He's here and we have to keep an eye on him. I think he's fine and has handled the whole thing up here pretty good. He has some mound presence and some composure.''

I really wish he was still down in the minors dominating the hitters.  But unfortunately the situation dictates that he is up in the majors getting his seasoning.  I don't think that his time up in the bigs is going to hurt over the long haul, the way it has others.  The team is apparently keeping a careful watch over the number of innings and pitches he throws and therefore limiting the possibility of doing any physical harm.

Rick may not be the most talented young pitcher the Marlins have in the system, but he appears to be very tough mentally and that counts for a lot.