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A partial Radio Move

If you normally listen to the games on the radio, you will need to adjust the dial for eight games towards the end of the season.

Due to conflicts with the Miami Dolphins and the University of Miami football, eight Marlins games will air on 940 AM WINZ.

The Marlins' flagship radio station, 560 WQAM, also carries the Dolphins and UM football.

After the season, the Marlins are expected to be looking for a new flagship radio station.

The games that will be aired on 940 AM WINZ are: Aug. 11 (vs. Mets), Aug. 16 (vs. Diamondbacks), Aug. 25 (at Reds), Sept. 9 (at Phillies), Sept. 16 (at Rockies), Sept. 20 (vs. Mets) and Sept. 23 (vs. Mets).

If you remember, the Marlins are being kicked-off their present flagship radio station, WQAM, due to the deal struck with the Dolphins.  This is probably a test run to see if WINZ has what it takes to host the Marlins.

The Marlins are lucrative commodity for any radio station and it will be interesting to see if WINZ is up to the task.  Dave and Roxy will be the announcers for whatever station broadcasts the Marlins game.