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VandenHurk's pitch count

The team is trying to be careful with him, as well they should.

We've got to monitor him," Gonzalez said. "We will watch him a little closer than anybody else on the staff."

VandenHurk will not throw more than 100 pitches in a start the rest of the season. And if there is a situation where he can be given an extra day or a few days between starts, Gonzalez will do so.

VandenHurk has a chance to make the starting rotation next season, especially given the injuries/surgeries to the other starters.  And him spending time in an Alabama waiting room will just add to the problems.

It is very possible that the Marlins could go to a six or seven-man rotation once the September call ups join the team.  With Dontrelle and Scott staying on their normal days of rest but the young guys would rotate in out of the lineup. BK can, of course, float to wherever he is needed.  It probably won't happen but it is just a thought.