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Jeff Allison sentenced

Jeff Allison legal troubles came to a head yesterday.

A former Florida Marlins first-round draft pick and star pitcher at Peabody High School has been sentenced to 75 days at a North Carolina prison farm.

Jeff Allison was sentenced last Thursday after pleading guilty to drug possession and stolen vehicle charges in that state.

According to the Salem News, Allison will also serve three years probation after he's released form prison.

These charges were pending while he was trying to make a come back in baseball.  As has been stated on this blog many times, I don't care if the young man ever plays professional baseball, all I would like to see at this point is him getting his life in order.

He appeared to being on right track shortly before the court's ruling, so there is still hope.  Whether a 75 days stay a prison farm will help or hinder his recovery is yet to be determined.

But we do wish him the best.