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Boone out for the Season

In case you didn't hear it some place else, Aaron Boone's season is through, which comes as no surprise.

Aaron Boone's career with the Marlins may not be over, but his season is.

After consulting with Reds orthopedic surgeon Tim Kremchek, Boone has elected to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his balky left knee. The procedure will take place Sept. 4 in Cincinnati.


Boone signed a one-year, $925,000 deal with the Marlins. If they attempt to re-sign him, the Marlins likely would offer another one-year deal with a lower base salary and more incentive clauses.

If the Marlins decide to resign Boone, something I have no problem with, the more veterans the Fish have in the clubhouse the better.  Besides, he played pretty well when he was healthy and this surgery should be "pretty easy" for him to rehabilitate from.

Not to mention that he wants to continue being a Marlin.

"I'm playing for a lot of the right reasons now, because I want to, because I like to, because I had fun this year and was playing well. ... I want to play next year and I'm excited about that. I know I can contribute to someone, and maybe and hopefully it will be back with these guys."

Assuming his recovery from the surgery goes well, I hope he is back with the team next season. Someone has to cover the infield positions while Alfredo is spelling the outfielders. Hopefully it won't come to that, but it always does. Yes, I know, that Wood is good for the corners but Boone can play the middle infield too.