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Olsen's court date set

While this site isn't the internet equivalent of Court TV, and I don't want to be, this is news that concerns a Marlins player.

According to court records, Scott Olsen's court date has been set for Sept. 10. Olsen pled not guilty to charges of driving under the influence, fleeing and eluding, and resisting officers without violence stemming from a July 21 arrest in Aventura.

The Marlins open a three-game homestand against the Nationals on Sept. 10. If the rotation remains as is, Olsen would pitch two days earlier in Philadelphia.

I have no idea what the Florida law statues are, I would guess that Olsen will have to show up to enter the plea and after which a trail date will be set.  Of course, it is possible that everything will happen, trial and all, on Sept. 10.

Whether it does or doesn't, that is initial court date for Scott.