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Uggla may be back in the Two Hole

Danny in last night's game returned to the two hole where he has done his best work this season, power-wise.

Dan Uggla might not be the prototypical No. 2 hitter, but the Marlins believe he might be better off in that spot.
That's why manager Fredi Gonzalez moved Uggla back into that spot in the batting order Wednesday. He gave Alejandro De Aza the night off, which left the opening for Uggla, but Gonzalez said before the game that Uggla might be moving back anyway.

The difference in Uggla's power numbers are startling: He is hitting .249 (114 for 457) when he hits second in the lineup, and he has hit all 23 of his home runs and 40 of his 41 doubles while batting second. He has driven in 69 of his 70 runs hitting second.

Uggla is batting .174 (4 for 23) with one double and has yet to drive in a run from the No. 6 spot. He is hitting .294 (5 for 17) with one RBI when he hits fifth.

It is doubtful that Danny is wearing down at this point in the season.  It may be that he sees better pitches to hit filling the slot between Ramirez and Cabrera, though Fredi doesn't think this is the reason.  He feels it may have to do with him feeling more comfortable batting second.

Which, indeed, could be the case, i.e. the Hanley batting third experiment.  One day, Hanley will bat third and Danny will be moved down into a spot in the order more conducive to his power.  But this is the second year in the Majors for both players and apparently keeping them in their comfort positions in the lineup is probably for the best.

After all, it isn't like De Aza was tearing it up in the two hole.  He has a .245 BA in 49 AB with a .615 OPS when batting second.  When he bats eighth, he has a .310 BA in 29 AB with a .816 OPS.  In the seventh slot, he has a .429 BA in 7 AB with a .946 OPS.

As De Aza continues to develop, his speed will place him at the top of the order but for now, he may be better suited to hold down one of the lower spots in the order.

There should come a day when the Marlins will flip the lineup but for now, since everyone is so new to the game, it is probably for the best to let them adjust to the Bigs where they are most at ease.

Anyway, offense ain't the Marlins biggest problem.