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Seven other Wonders of South Florida

In Thomas Swick's travel article, he names his seven other wonders of the South Florida.  I'm not really sure what the original wonders are, since I don't read the travel page that often.  But no matter, the Marlins made a showing as number three in the alternative list.

3. The Marlins. They won two World Series in their first 11 seasons, and they still play their hearts out in a mostly empty football stadium. Two players -- Hanley Ramirez and Miguel Cabrera --have a shot at this year's National League batting title. You can sometimes see them in the dugout, mugging for the camera. That pair next to them, playing matador-and-bull, would be Dontrelle Willis and Alfredo Amezaga. There are a lot of teams that have more wins; there cannot be many that have more fun. Off-the-field misdemeanors aside, the Marlins are still a joy to watch in large part because of the joy they bring to the game.

While I agree that the team is one of the most energetic and fun to watch play the game, though the present losing streak has put a bit of a damper on that.  But that can be easily rectified with a much needed win.

The part of his article I have trouble understanding is how in the World did the Marlins rank behind an Interstate Highway?

Ranking behind the Seniors, sure I get that, but behind a Highway?  We're not talking Route 66 here.  Maybe I haven't kept up modern music the way I should and there are many anthems to I-95, but I seriously doubt it.

But if you think the ranking is fair, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, there is another thing about the list that does cause me concern.

It is the item that came in number five.

5. The absence of a regional symphony orchestra.

Since when is not having a regional symphony orchestra considered a good thing?

In other words, I wouldn't put much stock in the list.  However, it is nice the Marlins are mentioned positively somewhere.  Even if it is the travel page.