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Radio Change?

Word around the campfire is that the Marlins are close to getting a new flagship radio station.

The Marlins are close to finalizing an agreement to move their games from WQAM (560) to 790 The Ticket beginning next season, industry officials said.

When the Dolphins awarded rights to WQAM in April, they asked the station not to renew its Marlins contract so that it could carry a Dolphins show at 7 p.m. weeknights instead.

WQAM has been the Marlins' rights-holder since the team's inception in 1993. Clear Channel Communications, which owns WIOD (610) and WINZ (940), also spoke to the Marlins before talks intensified with The Ticket in recent weeks.

Hopefully part of the negotiations with 790 The Ticket is that they will drop the David Samson show.  Wouldn't count on it, but one can dream.