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Olivo still not a 100 percent

Olivo is still recovering from his leg injury.

Catcher Miguel Olivo, who sustained a groin injury Thursday, took another day off as backup Matt Treanor started behind the plate against the Cardinals.

''He's not 100 percent,'' Gonzalez said. ``We're just working him in easily. He's still struggling a little bit running.

``We're just giving him a little breather. You don't check with him. If you check with him, he will always say he wants to play.''

Personally it wouldn't break my heart if he was the backup to Treanor for the rest of the season.  Treanor does a better job defensively and is better at handling the pitchers.  Besides that, when at the plate, Treanor actually works the pitchers and takes a walk from time to time.  Something that is foreign to Olivo.