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No Coke. Pepsi.

The headline is obviously stolen.

Since we are speaking of the stadium, I thought I would just emphasize how little control the Marlins have at JRS.  Just a quick intro: in case you didn't know it, Coca Cola is a sponsor of the Marlins.

From Sarah Talalay, my favorite sports business writer.

Soda taps at concession stands were still dispensing Coca Cola, but bottles of Aquafina, PepsiCo's bottled water, were for sale. Marlins fans sitting in Founders seats received Pepsi products if they took advantage of in-seat ordering. Pepsi vending machines stood waiting to be installed. A Pepsi ad appeared on the team's Web site.

Dolphin Stadium officials were mum about the switch. "We're not ready to make an announcement on our beverage partner," Dolphins Enterprises spokesman George Torres said.

But a Coca-Cola spokeswoman said Coke no longer has the beverage pouring rights at the stadium.

"We chose to our end relationship with the Dolphins," said Susan Stribling, spokeswoman for Coca-Cola North America. But she quickly added the company still has a partnership with the Marlins, although not for pouring rights.

"Coca-Cola can associate with the Marlins on a local basis, local promotions, on radio stations," she said.

As far as JRS is concerned, never think the Marlins situation will be seriously factored into any decision Wayne Huizenga makes.  That is unless he will profit from it to the point he is willing to forego his natural instinct of getting the Marlins out of his stadium.