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Cabrera late to work

In case you haven't heard by now Cabrera was benched for showing up late.

Cabrera was benched for arriving late, the second time in his four-year career he's been a late scratch for being tardy.


Cabrera walked in around noon, about 30 minutes after the required time of 11:30 a.m. After speaking with Cabrera for about 20 minutes, Gonzalez believed removing him from the lineup, but keeping him available to play, was punishment enough.

"What are you going to do? He made a mistake," Gonzalez said. "He paid enough for it. He was embarrassed and we'll go forward."

This doesn't sound like the prima donna move he made a couple of years ago.  If all reports are accurate, he probably just over slept for the Monday day game.  Over sleeping for an unusual Monday day game, if that is indeed the case, is something I can understand.  Fredi did the right thing by benching him and playing the ones who showed up on time.  All of the players are expected to follow the rules and Cabrera is no exception.