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Matt Dominguez meets the team

Matt Dominguez got his first taste at being a Marlin.

After finalizing a $1.8 million signing bonus, Dominguez experienced his first professional baseball news conference, and shortly afterwards, the third baseman from California took batting practice.

With his parents in the ballpark and surrounded by players at the batting cage, Dominguez was in a BP group with Josh Willingham, Alejandro De Aza, Jeremy Hermida and Matt Treanor.

The first pitch the third baseman from Chatsworth High School graduate saw, he swung and missed.

"Get the money back," Dontrelle Willis joked.

I love Dontrelle.

Dominguez took it all in the spirit in which it was meant.

"It was funny," Dominguez said afterwards.

Welcome the Marlins organization, Matt!