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Billy the Marlin needs our help

Home Run Derby is running a NCAA style bracket contest to determine who is the most favorite mascot in the Major Leagues.  And naturally Billy the Marlin was chosen to be one of the participants.

The overview of the contest is here.  And Billy drew a pretty crappy seed in his division.

The first round is underway and Billy the Marlin needs our help.  He is up against Lou Seal of the San Francisco Giants in the first round and we need to vote to get him through.  Unlike the All-Star voting, we can make a difference here.

Vote for Billy the Marlin.

You have until August 5th when the voting ends.  I have no idea how many times you can vote, but as a guess, you probably can register a vote every time you refresh.  

Is this important?  Well, no.  But voting for Billy the Marlin seems like the right thing to do.