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The talk with Kim

In case you were wondering what was said on the mound when Fredi went there in the third inning, this is reported.

Kim lasted just 5 1/3 innings (he threw 126 pitches) and might have been gone in the third inning if not for Gonzalez, who decided to talk to his pitcher instead of pull him.

'It was a firm talk. Fredi didn't scold him. It was more like, `We need you, big man, and we need you now,' '' said catcher Matt Treanor, who was in on the meeting at the mound. ``Fredi didn't show him up. He told him to pound the strike zone and not to be afraid of contact.''

Gonzalez said he had never gone to the mound without the hook.

''I've never done that before,'' he said. ``I just told him how good he was.''

Since Treanor's and Fredi's stories match, and they do, it probably happened that way.