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Olsen's agent fires back

Needless to say, the name David Samson won't be appearing on Matt Sosnick's Christmas card list anytime soon.

The agent for Scott Olsen reacted angrily Thursday to comments by Marlins president David Samson, who said the troubled Florida pitcher would not be welcome on the team if he is convicted of a felony.

Matt Sosnick, who represents seven Marlins, said he would never talk to Samson again and called him an "absolute joke'' and a "totally hated guy.'' Samson's comments regarding Olsen, who was arrested July 21 in Aventura, were made Wednesday on 790 the Ticket, a South Florida radio station.

(emphasis is mine)

Sosnick went on to discuss Samson's statements further.

Sosnick said Olsen - who declined to comment Thursday -has been "totally sober" since his arrest.

Good for Scott.  Stay out of this. Your agent is doing just fine.

It continues.

"He hasn't had one drink," Sosnick said. "He barely goes out anymore. He's totally getting his life together.'' Olsen is making $380,000 this year on a one-year contract. Sosnick dared the Marlins to release Olsen if he is convicted.

"I'll bet one of the other 29 teams (would) take a left-landed pitcher who's 23 years old and 22 wins in his career and throws 92 mph,'' Sosnick said. "There's no way he gets cut loose because it's a business and he's not a bad person."

True, Scott isn't a bad person and actually he is a good kid, warts and all. Just try to find one of the off-season meet the players functions where he isn't there.  Olsen made more fan appreciation and charity events scheduled by the team than any other player last season.  That alone doesn't qualify you for good kid status, but his teammates state emphatically that he is, and they should know.   Oh, about the bet, could I get in on it, cause if he were released, I would like to take the 2+ position for everything I own.

But back to Mr. Sosnick's much understandable rant, one part of it did bring about a little worry in me.  It was his statement that he will never talk to Samson again and that had me wondering whether the Marlins needed to look for a new pitching rotation along with a left fielder.

The other Marlins represented by Sosnick are pitchers Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco, Sergio Mitre and Ross Wolf and outfielder Josh Willingham. Sosnick said the current tiff would not affect his other clients, and praised the rest of the Marlins' management for efforts to help Olsen.

Thank God.

It all finally ended this way.

"He alienated every single person in baseball," Sosnick said. "He's a totally hated guy.''

Now, if you think this is where I rally to the defense of David Samson, you need to think again.  Cause it ain't going to happen.