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Samson addresses the Olsen situation

David Samson voiced his opinion about Olsen's legal situation and his future.

The Marlins have other problems: Specifically what to do if pitcher Scott Olsen is convicted of charges of DUI and resisting arrest.

The Marlins haven't talked much about Olsen since his July 21 arrest, but Marlins president David Samson said, as far as he was concerned, if Olsen was convicted, he would not be welcomed back to the team.

''He is in therapy, behavioral therapy, trying to deal with his anger issues,'' Samson told The Miami Herald's Dan Le Batard on Le Batard's radio show on 790 The Ticket. ``We have got to let the legal system play out. We are getting him help and that is what is most important.

``We do not condone what he did. If we have someone on our team who is convicted, that person would certainly not be welcome any longer.''

Isn't this the same organization that has welcomed Jeff Allison back into the fold numerous times?

Olsen is at least attempting to get control of his problems and kicking him to curb isn't going to help Scott or the team.  This country has a justice system and assuming he is found guilty, and from the accounts I have read, it's not clear to me that he will.  Once he has served whatever punishment the court decides, it's over.  While I'm sure the front office would prefer to have nothing but choir boys on the team, that doesn't happen in real life.

His teammates evidently like him.  And he is not a disruptive figure in the clubhouse, normally.  Sure, there have been a few altercations, but they had to do with the problem(s) he is getting help for. Olsen is a part of the Marlins family and they should stand by him as long as possible. Yes, I know, the players are just commodities to buy, sell or trade to the front office but there is more to it than that for the players and the fans.

Fortunately, Samson doesn't make the baseball decisions.  That is left up to Beinfest and Loria and hopefully those two don't share Samson's version of extreme "justice".

If you would like to hear what Samson said, you can go the 790 The Ticket and give it a listen.