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The Marlins are still in it

At least mathematically.

According to Sports Club Stats, the Marlins have a 0.69975% chance of making it to the playoffs.  In other words, 0.7% chance.

That's Sports Club Stats simulations, so let's checkout what Baseball Prospectus has to say.  Baseball Prospectus has it a lot worse at 0.14581%.

While Baseball Prospectus is a site I pay to read everything they write and it is one of the best on the web, it really doesn't matter which one we choose to go with.  Either way,  it's not looking good for the Fish and this should come as no surprise.

So what do the Marlins have to do to increase their chances of participating in the playoffs this year.  Winning out would do it, but there are other options.  Back to Sports Clubs Stats since they did break it down in detail.

(Source: Sports Club Stats) Click on the image for a larger view.

Needless to say it doesn't get any better after .455 ball. The Marlins have played .466 baseball up to this point in the season. In order to have a fair shot at the playoffs they are going to need to play a little better than .700 baseball the rest of the way out. Have teams played .700 baseball for 44 games? Sure. Is it likely in the Marlins case? Probably not, but then again, you never know.