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Still trying to sign Draft Picks

And it isn't going so well with the Marlins first rounder.

Marlins first-round pick Matt Dominguez still wants to turn pro, but with Wednesday's 11:59 p.m. deadline looming, the California prep third baseman remained in baseball limbo.

"I'm pretty sure I want to sign," Dominguez, who signed to play at Cal State Fullerton, said Monday night. "But you have agents telling you some stuff and you want to listen to them."

Dominguez said the Marlins have offered him close to the management-recommended slot figure of $1.62 million, but his camp took notice this week when the Braves gave prep outfielder Jason Heyward $1.7 million. Heyward went 14th overall, two picks behind Dominguez.

I have no idea who is representing Matt since Uncle Gus was convicted of smuggling Cuban players into the U.S.  But my guess would be it is still Total Sports.

I can understand that the drafted player and especially the agents are trying to get as much as they possibly can since there is no guarantee of a big payday down the road.  But still, holding out for an extra 80+ thousand, when you are talking in an excess of a million dollars doesn't seem like it is the best strategy for the athlete to me.  I guess that is why I'm not an agent, amongst the other ten-billion reasons.

The Marlins did sign some of their lower round draft picks.

... the Marlins have agreed to terms with second-rounder Mike Stanton, a high school outfielder from Sherman Oaks, Calif. A Southern California recruit as a wide receiver/linebacker, Stanton will receive a $475,000 bonus spread over four years because of his multisport status.

Third-rounder Jameson Smith, a catcher from Fresno (Calif.) Community College, signed for $310,000.

If the Marlins don't sign Dominguez, they lose all rights to him but will receive a first round compensation pick in next year's draft.

[Update] Our good friend Photi found an article that says Dominguez signed yesterday. Check it out here: Fish Chucks. Whether he did sign or not remains in a little doubt, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did.