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More on VandenHurk

Rick pitched reassembly well in his outing yesterday which is a good thing.  Here is a recap of his performance.

Werper Rick van den Hurk kwam zondag voor de dertiende keer in actie voor de Florida Marlins. De Eindhovenaar hield zich staande, maar kon er niet voor zorgen dat de Marlins de New York Mets van zich afhielden. De New Yorkers wonnen met 10-4.

Eindhovenaar Van den Hurk pitchte vijf innings en kreeg daarin maar drie honkslagen tegen. Twee van die drie waren echter homeruns. In de tweede inning sloeg Moises Alou de bal in de tribune met twee man op de honken. In de derde inning sloeg Jose Reyes een solohomerun. Van den Hurk gooide drie maal vier wijd en gooide zes keer een strike-out.

While I have no idea what that says, it does make me smile.  When one does a google search for the Marlins, obviously, most of the articles are in English and there are a fair amount in Spanish.  But when VandenHurk pitches the articles in Dutch make a strong showing.  And that can only be considered to be a good thing.  If you actually read Dutch, please click on the link and let the rest of us in on what it says.  

Now, to the VandenHurk situation.

...VandenHurk now has 56 2/3 at the big league level and 122 1/3 total innings, counting stints this season at Double-A and Triple-A.

VandenHurk only threw 28.2 innings in 2005 and ended up having Tommy John surgery.  In 2006 he threw only 25 innings after returning from the procedure.

It is true the normal injury nexus is around 170 IP, but that is for healthy pitchers.  122.1 innings for him this season is starting to be excessive and the club should really consider shutting him down.  Rick has talent, we can all see that, but we will be of no use to the team in the future if his arm is destroyed this season from being overworked.