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Stuff from yesterday's game

If you were lucky enough to see the pre-game ceremonies before yesterday's game, you were privileged to witness this:

On Saturday, they were trying to get hits off him. On Sunday, Marlins players and coaches hung on the dugout railing, clapping like fans during a pre-game ceremony to honor Tom Glavine for winning 300 games.

"Glavine is the consummate professional in every sense of the word,'' Marlins reliever Taylor Tankersley said. "He has always carried himself the right way. He's somebody that a younger guy like me can look to as a model in how to conduct themselves as a big-leaguer.''

Glavine is definitely a worthy opponent and deserves every accolade bestowed upon him.

But Dave at brings up an interesting point.

An interesting fact: Glavin[e] got his 300th win the other day with a great induction before the game. Glavin[e] makes 7 mil a year. Benitez makes 9 mill. Go figure that one out........

I'm afraid I can't.  Perhaps one of the FishStripers can explain the logic of why that is the case.