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Jacobs sets the team record

I haven't said much about it since I don't believe in kicking a young player when he is down, but this I found this somewhat amusing.

Hanley Ramirez walked over to Mike Jacobs and put an arm around his shoulder. "You want a hug?'' Ramirez asked, half-jokingly.

Jacobs didn't need a hug but he did need a hit, which he finally collected Thursday. Hitless in his first two at-bats, he walked in his third and finally ended his team-record hitless streak at 33 at-bats when he singled to center to lead off the ninth. Jacobs' skid broke pitcher Brad Penny's 0-for-30 record from 2000.

"Obviously, it's not something you should be proud of,'' Jacobs said before the game.

If you remember from last season, Hanley set the non-pitcher record by going 0-for-29, which Jacobs finally eclipsed taking Ramirez's name off the top of the record books.  So what did Hanley do when Mike finally got a hit.

Jacobs said when he returned to the dugout following his hit, some of his teammates joked with him.

''Hanley was doing crosses on me and throwing water on me,'' Jacobs said. ``I asked him if it was holy water. And then he hugged me.''

The Marlins may be having a tough year, but I love this team.