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Beinfest sharing some thoughts

Beinfest speaking around the fishing hole gave his opinion to a couple of items and a partial Walking Wounded report.

Marlins GM Larry Beinfest said Tuesday he's ''eager'' to see Alejandro De Aza (due back in August) before determining the offseason plan in center field, though he's pleased with Alfredo Amezaga and Cody Ross. . . . Beinfest is somewhat mystified by the defensive struggles of Jeremy Hermida, last among right fielders in fielding percentage: ''He needs to improve, [but] he's worked very hard at it.'' . . . The Marlins have no idea when reliever Henry Owens will return from shoulder inflammation.

Center field isn't the biggest problem the Marlins face this season.  Amezaga and Ross have fielded the position well, along with providing acceptable production at the plate.  Albeit, in different ways, with Alfredo providing some quality defense, along with speed on the base paths.  While Cody has put forth some power numbers.

Even when De Aza rejoins the team, it isn't clear how much playing time he will get.  Just because everything is going well in A-ball that doesn't necessarily translate to it going well in the Majors.  But if Beinfest wants to see him play, he will play.  I must admit I will also be interested to see where he stands.  But after being out so long, I can't believe he will be near the top of his game.

It isn't good news that no one has a guess on when Owens will return.  Assuming from what is written in the above article, it probably won't be this season.  Injuries to pitchers have been the biggest problem the club has faced this year.  Not that it is really surprise, especially since it was easily predicted after last season,  Of course, there is no need to rush Henry back.  Let him heal and do his thing next year.

I'm not going to even touch the defensive problems, but I will say this: if Hermida plans on continuing to hit around .260 he had better start improving his play in the field. Now, before you bring up his OPS and how it is 11th in the NL among right fielders, it is still behind Ross and Willingham and they tend to avoid ill-advised slides that turn singles into triples.