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Cabrera out with a jammed shoulder

Miguel won't be participating in the Home Run Derby and possibly the All-Star game due to an injury suffered in Saturday's game.

Cabrera jammed his left shoulder in Saturday night's game and he couldn't get it loose in time for his first-inning at-bat Sunday. Not only did the shoulder keep Cabrera out of the first-half finale, it will sideline him for today's Home Run Derby in San Francisco.

The problem doesn't appear serious and Cabrera still made the trip north after Sunday's 9-3 loss to the Dodgers. His availability for Tuesday's All-Star Game is uncertain.

If it comes down to a game-time decision and Cabrera can't play, the Marlins would be left without a player representative.


Even if Cabrera has to miss the All-Star Game, he's probable for Friday's second-half opener against the Nationals. Cabrera experienced the same problem last season and was fine after a day or two.

Whether or not he plays in the All-Star game is of no great concern to me.  That is, assuming he doesn't force it and ends up being out the lineup for a more extended period of time.

To answer the question asked in the open thread, there is no obligation to add a Marlins player if the one selected becomes injured.  Sure they could, but they don't have too.