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The Marlins are drawing more attention

Last season wasn't the greatest year ever, as far as television ratings and attendance were concerned.  But at the "half-way" point, this season is looking brighter.

The Florida Marlins are showing how a competitive team featuring familiar players can draw more fans to their TVs and to Dolphin Stadium.

Through June, the Marlins had a 3.3 average rating per game in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market. That's up from 2.2 for the same 2006 period for games on FSN Florida and Sun Sports

It is true that attendance is up at JRS after 42 home games over last season.  The Marlins total attendance for the first 42 home games this season is 748,792 as compared to 522,897 for last season.  Not to mention the 50% increase in the number of viewers watching the games on television.

The good people of South Florida like watching the Marlins, and why shouldn't they?  Imagine what the numbers would be if the stadium was in one the population centers.

Yet, a stadium deal is still elusive.