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Amezaga has done better

According to what some of the players are saying, Alfredo's outstanding player two nights ago was nothing out of the ordinary.

Alfredo Amezaga went so far as to call his highlight reel play Wednesday night "routine." Several teammates agreed it wasn't the best play they'd seen Amezaga make.

In the eighth inning, Michael Barrett hit a grounder deep into the hole. Amezaga ranged wide to his right, backhanded the ball and made an off-balance throw from about 3 yards behind the infield dirt.

Mike Jacobs stretched for it, but the ball would have made it on the fly regardless.

"I told him when he came in, 'That's a great play, but I've seen you make a better one,'" Jacobs said.

The play Jacobs alluded to occurred in the Mexican League. Amezaga has it on tape. Playing shortstop with a runner on first, Amezaga dove for a ball in the hole and before hitting the dirt made a no-look, backhand throw to force the runner at second.

You have got to be kidding me.

Amezaga may be the best fielding shortstop in the league.  And he isn't half bad in center, or third, or second, or first....

Alfredo is a fielding machine.

[Update] Here is the play.