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Cabrera is in the home run derby

No surprise.  If you read the open thread comments from yesterday, you already know this, since Dan reported in his usual humorous style.

It's official. Miguel Cabrera will be putting his power to the test in Monday's Home Run Derby. Cabrera finished second to the Phillies' Ryan Howard in last year's Derby, part of All-Star Game festivities.

Some sluggers decline the invitation. Not Cabrera.

''I want to do it,'' Cabrera said.

Cabrera tabbed his manager, Fredi Gonzalez, to pitch to him in the contest. Gonzalez throws batting practice daily, but not to Cabrera's group. He said he would throw to Cabrera's group during the upcoming series in Los Angeles so that the Marlins' All-Star third baseman can get used to his pitches.

While I wish Miguel the best of luck, even if nothing comes of it, it will be nice to have two representatives of the Marlins on the field at the same time.  Exhibition aside.

At least we know that the Miguel's pitcher in the home run contest has absolutely no incentive in helping him screw-up his swing.