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Willis and Johnson played one-on-one basketball

They did what?!  I have no idea whether the Marlins put into the player's contracts about not participating in certain activities during the off-season but this one is a proven loser.

Once, while vacationing in Jamaica, Marlins teammates Dontrelle Willis and Josh Johnson grabbed a basketball for a friendly game of 1-on-1. Willis is 6-5 and fancies himself a hoops junkie, though baseball remains his sport of preference.

It wasn't long before Willis discovered a hard truth about his fellow pitcher. Johnson owns a two-inch height advantage, and Willis proved to be no match for him when the two wrestled for rebounds. More often than not, Johnson won out.

''I was, like, I couldn't get over this guy,'' Willis recalled.

I'm glad they had a good time but really, that should talk to Aaron Boone about the wisdom of doing this in the off-season.  If they did, I think he will tell the two that it isn't the best idea if longevity is one of their goals for their careers.