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Bonds Souvenirs

Some of the Marlins came away with souvenirs from the road trip.

The Marlins collected three of the specially marked baseballs that are being used when Bonds comes to bat.

In the first inning, Willis struck Bonds out, and catcher Matt Treanor flipped the ball into the dugout. Willis now has that ball. And in the third inning, Bonds popped out to Dan Uggla at second base. Uggla was prepared to toss the ball into the stands, but closer Kevin Gregg said he wanted it.

Gregg received the ball, and he has given it to his brother.

Treanor caught a foul pop off Bonds' bat in the seventh inning, and he kept that.

On Sunday morning, Treanor had the balls that he and Willis are keeping sent to the Giants clubhouse to see if Bonds would sign them. The Giants slugger declined to sign the special balls, but according to the Marlins TV broadcast Sunday, Bonds sent over two other autographed balls for Willis and Treanor.

I wonder why Bonds didn't sign the special balls, I'm sure he has his reasons since he sent over some autographed normal baseballs.  But it isn't like Willis or Treanor is going to put the balls on eBay, it's just curious to me.

Other notes: Willis's strikeout of Bonds was his 700th for his career.  He is still a few behind Nolan Ryan, 5.014 to be exact, but every one helps.

The foul pop Treanor caught was on a Willis 95 mph fastball -- let Dontrelle throw.  Eventually, I will quit harping on this.