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Cabrera lobbying for the Home Run Derby

Miguel got a taste of it last year and wants to try again.

Look for Cabrera to participate in the Home Run Derby as part of his All-Star Game experience.

Cabrera, who was chosen to the All-Star team for the fourth time and is the Marlins' lone representative, spent Monday playing phone tag with the league to confirm his spot in the contest.

Cabrera finished second in last year's Home Run Derby.

Actually, I think he finished third, but I could be wrong.

I'm far from being a fan of a Marlins player participating in the derby, my way of thinking is let some other player screw up their swing in the exhibition contest.  I will give Cabrera this, while he did go into a mini-slump after the contest last season, it didn't last long.

Anyway, Cabrera is probably going to try his luck once again.