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Marlins make it into a Commencement Address

Well, not the team actually, but the front office is represented.  It turns out that Katie Couric's address to the new graduates of Williams College included an illustration of how a job was obtained in the front office with the Marlins.  Couric had this to say in the speech as reported by Brandi at the House of Procrastination.

My friend Tammi in Miami (it sounds like a sitcom) was desperately seeking a job in public relations with the Florida Marlins. After many unsuccessful attempts to make contact, she decided to burn her resume onto a baseball bat. Needless to say, she hit it out of the park.

To which Brandi, who kinda sorta blogged the event, replies:

Why wasn't Tammi our speaker?

So I guess the message is: if you're looking for a job in the Marlins front office, burning your resume into a bat has already been done.  Therefore you may need to try a different approach.

Brandi has a wonderful sense of humor.  Especially in that snarky way that only college students have perfected. If you find yourself with some time, read the whole article.